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1.To support the delivery of the season, athletes have agreed to a uniform pay reduction of 15 percent with the exception of those already on minimum payments.。
2.In Group C, LGD came up with a risky line-up facing FNC and did not seize the opportunity in the decisive game, losing hope of progressing.。
3.Added to this the fact that the race was run in much colder conditions than usual, and that both of Friday's practise sessions had been washed out, there was an air of uncertainty for teams and drivers as they began the race.。
4.He continued his rich vein of form for Uruguay on Thursday, playing one of his best matches for his country to date as La Celeste beat Chile 2-1 in their opening 2022 World Cup qualifier in Montevideo.。
5.Veteran playmaker Thiago Neves pulled a goal back for the hosts by nodding home after a Luciano Batista cross.。
6.The Black Stars, who top their group will meet Sudan in a doubleheader AFCON qualification with the first leg in the Ghanaian town of Cape Coast and the return encounter in Khartoum, Sudan.。


1.ACCRA, Oct.8 (Xinhua) -- The Ghana Football Association (GFA) Thursday released fixtures for the 2020/2021 Ghana premier league season which is scheduled to kick off on Nov.13 at match venues across the country.。
2.Ji scored eight points in the first quarter, leading Daqing to ride on a 6-0 run, but Tianjin managed a 15-14 lead after a defense-driven quarter, and the fierce battle lasted until overtime.。
3.Lakers star LeBron James had 40 points, 13 rebounds and seven assists and Anthony Davis put up 28 points and 12 rebounds.。
4.Brazil will also play Peru in another World Cup qualifier in Lima next Tuesday. Enditem。
5.To attract more teenage followers, Wang began to play freestyle football. She practices for three hours a day, and it takes another three hours to record and edit short videos every day.。
6."We always talk to each other and I know him from our time in the Barcelona youth system, we talk about the time we spent there," said Adama.。


1.RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Brazil forward Neymar could still play in Brazil's opening 2022 World Cup qualifier against Bolivia on Friday despite a back problem that has left him unable to train, team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar said on Thursday.。
2.When first meeting Liu Tianzi, it's difficult to associate her with the above description. It isn't until her feet drew a gentle but powerful arc on the ground that we were sure she is the "female Tai Chi master."。
3.With the same three wins and one loss, both Beijing and Shanghai surpassed Inner Mongolia, which has won all its three games so far, ranking fourth and fifth respectively in the tables after the league's fourth round was over.。
4."The MMC will be divided into four areas for functional use, public service, publicity and cultural demonstration and operation office. Both space and operation of the former MPC and IBC will be fully integrated," Gao said.。
5.Having observed the league games for nearly a month, Jia said he already had a new national team roster in mind, which would be based on the lineup that drew with Australia in February's Olympic qualifiers.。
6.However, "the AFC Disciplinary and Ethics Committee Friday dismissed the protest lodged by Al Nassr, of Saudi Arabia, in connection with the Semi-final match of the AFC Champions League (West) pursuant to Article 59 of the AFC Champions League 2020 Competition Regulations," said a statement on the AFC website. Enditem。


1、The former Sao Paulo and Porto player praised his teammates for respecting their unfancied opponents.。
2、Ji is going through her fourth season in a duel role from the 2017-18 season.。
3、Xu Jicheng, head of Beijing 2022's Media Operations Department, explained that smaller equipment and 5G technology enable more interviews to be conducted inside the venues, meaning media will rely less on the MPC and IBS than before.。
4、Busquets admitted that because of the coronavirus, it was a "strange" season. "We've not had many holidays and pre-season was shorted than usual, we have to adapt," he said, adding that the rule allowing five changes in a game was a help.。
5、Under the document from California Department of Public Health, all private gatherings must limit the number of attendees and are required to be held outside. Moreover, the host of any gathering has to "collect names of all attendees and contact information in case contact tracing is needed later."。


Galhardo headed home twice in the space of eight first-half minutes to set up Internacional's seventh win of the season.!


  • 座青 10-31

    Duvan Zapata put the hosts ahead in the 16th minute at Estadio Metropolitano with a lunging effort after Juan Cuadrado's driving run and perfectly weighted cross from the right.

  • 烈颤 10-30

    Triggering the fulfilment of the new generation's potential requires more encouragement and time.

  • 之上 10-29

    Brazil will face Bolivia in Sao Paulo on Friday and Peru in Lima next Tuesday.

  • 抱歉 10-28

    The fixture will be played in Austria on November 14 at a yet-to-be confirmed venue, the Mexican Football Federation said in a statement on Sunday.

  • 为太 10-27

    Luis Enrique will make changes to his side on Saturday with goalkeeper David de Gea likely to replace Kepa Arrizabalaga, who will have been happy to keep a clean sheet in Lisbon after his recent troubles at Chelsea.

  • 逃不 10-26

    Sichuan kept its double-figure margin during the ensuing three quarters, with its biggest lead at 30 points with two minutes left to play.

  • 墨云 10-25

    "I wanted to play this match as if it was the first round. I didn't want to think it was a semifinal because it would have stressed me out."

  • 只能 10-24

    Muriel made it 3-0 by thumping a shot past goalkeeper Wuilker Farinez after taking possession in his own half and leaving Venezuela's defense in his wake with a rapid counterattack.

  • 分这 10-23

    Jia said that he had made plans for a three-phase training camp ahead of the playoff.

  • 积留 10-22

    Mexico beat the Netherlands 1-0 in a friendly in Amsterdam last week and face Algeria in the Hague on Tuesday. Enditem

  • 中任 10-21

    "Hearing the saddening news, I burst into tears. Kobe had a huge influence on me. His grit and dedication pushed me to fight until this end out of love for basketball," Ji said.

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